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Beer in a Bag

Wow. Too bad we can't offer this bizarre service at Six Acres.


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Beer For Kids – How Fun!

Oh how we love the Japanese for so many reasons. Who else would have invented the beer vending machine - cold beer in any size, anytime. Not wanting the kids to be left out from all the drinking festivities, we present an ad for a beer like drink for the little ones. How fun. Kampai!

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Beer Facts #1 – Czechs are Champions

The Czechs consume the most beer per capita in the world. Each and every person - babies and 100 year olds included - consumes 314 pints a year. Nice job guys. Second place goes to Ireland and third to Germany. Sadly, us Canadians are in 19th place with 136 pints a year. Luxembourg is in 10th place. Seriously, Luxembourg, we can't even take out Luxembourg? Surely we can do better than 19th place Canada.

Czech man in beer bath

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Hooray Beer!

We really do love Jamaican music. Such a small little island and so many incredible songs with huge influence on music around the world. Helping to fuel that music (along with a dose of the green) has been Red Stripe beer. This is a great ad that incorporates a bit of all that with the sweet dorky white guy tourist thrown in.

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June – July: Your Best Beer Image

Hey all. Send us a copy of the best image related to beer you can find. Email to If we pick you as the winner, you get $100 at the Acreage. Contest ends July 30th. We will post the winner shortly after.

Here's an sample


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Lemonade on the Porch Playlist

Open this page in a new window to listen while browsing.

Oh thank you summer. You are here and we love you. Here are some tunes to have a cold one to and enjoy the heat like our neighbours way South.

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Finnish Disco Dancing

What a rad pair. It is worth watching the whole thing. The finale is where it is at.

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Richard Simmons Walks It Out

We love Richard Simmons and had a picture of him on our bathroom wall that someone stole. Damn you whoever you are. To make up for his loss, we present this video. Go Rich!

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The Best Christian Song Ever?

Wow! These guys are really amazing. Whether you believe or not, it is a seriously catchy jam and that guy with the beard is so awesome.

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