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New Beers for August…

Oh man, it is a scorcher on the ol' Acreage today...

Yesterday I overheard someone on the street expressing their disdain for the overly hot weather we've been having. Sitting out front of the Acreage now I feel as though its all a matter of perspective. So to help all of us stay level-headed in the heat we brought in 3 new beers for August that I am really excited about (but I chose them, so....): Pelican Brewery's India Pelican Ale, the Pinkus Organic Munster Alt Beer, and Jolly Pumpkin's Oro De Calabaza.

All three pair well with insane heat: big refreshing hops with the Pelican, the Munster Alt is smooth drinking with hints of banana and bready yeasts, and the Oro De Calabaza... what can I say? This is easily the most interesting beer I have had in months. Those with savvy and/or curiosity would do well to take note of this odyssey (limited to 20 bottles).

Check out the Oro De Calabaza here.

let the sunshine in...

let the sunshine in...

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Gastown Farmers Market

Good News Gastowners! There is a farmer's market coming to Gastown every Sunday in August and September. Come out and support your local farmers so they can continue this event next year. We aren't open on Sundays but we will join the fun and we hope to see you down there. For more info, go to


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New Hours – Hooray!!

We are now open Monday to Saturday from 5pm - 1am. That's 11 more hours a week of fun times at the Acreage.


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