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Half Price Schneiderweisse Beer on Tuesday!

In honour of Oktoberfest and you lovely people, Schneiderweisse beer will be half price on Tuesday (the 29th). Our friend Hans will be delivering bottles of Schneiderweisse's magical potion to Six Acres on his trusty bike. Look at him go!


Hans knows that key to enjoying this awesome beer is pouring it properly to get all the yeasty goodness and huge head into the glass. Let his friend Frederick show you how.

Pour the beer at a slight angle

Leave an inch or so in the bottle and swirl it around to get all the yeast off the bottom.

Pour in the yeasty goodness

Enjoy and see you Tuesday! Lederhosen optional.

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Oktoberfest Starts Tomorrow

Hey all you beer lovers. Oktoberfest starts tomorrow and runs until October 4th. What do you say we all drink German beers for a couple weeks in celebration? In honour of this great event, our Oktoberfest customer appreciation night is on Tuesday the 29th. More details coming shortly. In the meantime listen to the German beer drinking song below to get you in the mood. Prost!!!


German Beer Drinking Song: Tausend Fässer Bier

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So, a monkey walks into a bar…

Stop me if you've heard this one...

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Its that time again…

With a new week we find ourselves amidst new friends - the kind typically found in little brown bottles. Three nice chaps to hang out with: a Wise Old Aussie (Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale), a West Coast Mountain Man (Deschutes Black Butte Porter), and a Freak (Coney Island Lager). All three are welcomed guests and a pleasure around the dinner table. Per usual, they are not here to stay, but if you're fortunate you might cross their path.

shortly after this photo we all played Twister.

shortly after this photo we all played Twister.

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A moment of reflection and lament…

Over the years we've had a lot of great friends come through the Acreage. One of the best and brightest, which many never had the chance to meet was Chimay, Six Acres' prize winning plastic toy horse. Okay, maybe Chimay never got to run her race at the track, but we loved her. Sadly, Chimay disappeared this past week. We can only hope she will meet up with other anthropomorphic toy animals and make her way home. In memory of our fallen comrade, we brought in her namesake: Chimay White Tripel.

To Chimay; we loved you.

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We Love Otis Playlist

Open this page in a new window to listen while browsing.

We love Otis Redding around the acreage. A lot. For a man who was around for such a heartbreakingly short time, he created a wealth of beautiful music. So, in honour of his birthday on September 9th, we’ve put together a playlist featuring the birthday boy, some of his Stax label mates and a random selection of songs we think he’d like. We invite you to find a place to sit back (a dock if possible), listen to his scratchy yet soothing voice and waste some time. He’d like that.

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