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Andre we love thee.

Although the authenticity of this claim is questionable, I hope that you will be as able as I to suspend your disbelief. While there was no photo-finish nor was a gold trophy awarded, it is popularly held that Andre the Giant drank 119 beers (standard 12-ounce) in 6 hours. Shortly after he was happily sawing logs in a cozy hotel hallway.

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The Sleeping Sun Playlist

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Hello Autumn. Hello early sunsets. Hello shimmering laneways & woolen garments. How we adore your colours, your crisp breath, your nostalgic murmurs. May we offer you a tasty selection of ear treats? Please, stay for a while. Please..?

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Good Bye Mr. Rogers…

Removing items from our bathroom hallway walls has proven a popular pastime for a nameless few visiting our fair Acres. With this in mind, we'd like to express our dismay at the passing of our dear friend Fred Rogers. While he was only with us for a short while, his calm smile & gentle demeanor charmed us all while waiting for our shot at the loo. Good bye friend...

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Can’t Resist A Dancing Camel…

Effat Malakan, you are the winner of our Best YouTube Video contest! Dang, this video makes my dancing kitten hand puppet routine look very amateur. Well done, one hundred Acres bucks to you miss!

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