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Extended Hours for Jazz Fest!!!!

Just a reminder for everyone that Six Acres will be open for extended hours this weekend for the Jazz Fest!!!

Saturday noon - 1am
Sunday noon - 8pm

See you there!!!

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Loki Double IPA

Just arrived from Paddock Wood in Saskatoon!!! These guys are making excellent beer and have honestly outdone themselves here. There are lovely plays between the caramel malt flavours and bold, zesty hops, with little of the 8.7% abv showing through.

Dangerous, but with the richness of this beer you are best taking it as a sipper. Nice label too!!


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Berries and Cerise!!

More exciting beer news this week at the Acreage, as we have just gotten in two amazing fruit beers from Europe!!!

Brasserie Cantillion's Kriek Lambic is a real cherry lambic. This is the last independent brewery in Brussels and they are known worldwide for exceptional quality. There is everything you want in a lambic: decidedly crisp dryness, earthiness, exquisite carbonation, and, of course, beautiful overtones of tart, casked cherries.

Also in this week, the sweet and delightful Samuel Smith's Organic Strawberry Beer brings full, ripe strawberry flavours and aromatics. I tried this for the first time with friends a few weeks ago and it really is unimaginably good - not to mention organic all the way down to the yeasts used in brewing!!

Exciting stuff.

Strawberry Fields Forever.  Cherry Orchards too.

Strawberry Fields Forever. Cherry Orchards too.

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5th Dimension said it best... cheers and happy weekend!!!!

ps: you really have to let that video roll until at least 2:16...

ps: out of the Pike IPA for tonight, but still going with Crooked Coast and a terrific London Porter from Paddock Wood. Woo!

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where bottle caps go

here is one good use... if you have patience

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