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New Foodstuffs!!!

Exciting news from the Acreage kitchen: we have a bunch of new tasty treats to pair with your hot summer nights and beverages of choice (be it Alhambra, Zyviec or anything in between)! From popcorn to candied nuts to Salt Spring mussels with double smoked bacon, there are lots of new foods to be shared with friends (and there are old favorites there too)! You can check out the entire menu here:

As for James Brown, he is pretty excited about the popcorn. Understandable.

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Closed Monday July 19th.

Just a quick note that will be closed for Monday July 19th. Many and all apologies for any inconvenience caused. The good news, however, is that we'll be in the kitchen all day cooking up something exciting for later on in the week (more news on that soon).

Also, its the last few days to get your entry in for our July Book Contest

See you soon!!


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Beers ahoy!!

Lots of delicious beers (and cider... oh, how could we forget you, Pipsqueak) have come in this week. A few favorites from the past couple months are back (lovely Acme IPA, beautiful Pike IPA, and the radiant Cantillon Kriek), and lets not forget to mention this years edition of the Schneider Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse!!!!

If you missed it two (two!!) years ago, the beer is a collaboration between Garrett Oliver (brewmaster at Brooklyn) and Hans Peter Drexler (brewmaster at Schneider) and, as you would expect, the result is a beautifully crafted and completely unique brew: an 8.2% hefe-weizen, amazingly complex, and way (way, way) too drinkable. Really, this beer is surprisingly refreshing for 8.2%.

Anyway, those of you that are fans of either brewery or hefe-weizens in general will definitely be into this (its liable to make a few converts too).

To international diplomacy!! Prost!!

ooo la, la!

ooo la, la!

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July Book Contest!!! $100 Prize!!!

Introductory Algebra. Berenstain Bears. Tropical Bird Migration. Radecki Pest. Child Psychcology.

We are asking you to bring in your best book candidate to become one of our food and drink menus at the Acres, with the donor of our favorite book to receive a $100 gift certificate for aforementioned food and drinks!!!

The books don't need to be fancy, but we like fun, strange, and nerdy titles. You can enter up to 6 books and we'll accept them until Saturday July 17th.
All the books need to be hardcover and should be about 5.5" × 8.5" in size and not too thick. Drop off the books attached with with your name, e-mail, and phone number at the restaurant (if we're not in you can slide them through our mail slot).

Have fun and happy July!!!

starting research...

start researching...

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oh, Bundersrepublik Deutchland….

Spain played some fine football today and they are a great team to watch; however, I have a some German in my heritage so I guess its tears and Schneider Weisse for me...

Here's to all of you enjoying Alhambras tonight.

tears until 2014...

tears until 2014 (at least)...

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Tough day? Duck into Six Acres.

Okay, so Six Acres wasn't around in 1984... and it kind of looks like Bastian turns into what is now Vera's rather than the Acreage.

All I am trying to say is that I like to imagine Six Acres to be somehow akin to a mystical bookshop that contains a volume of child heroes, giant rock people, and magic white dog-dragons (as well as being a good place to run away from meanies).

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Happy Moving Day!!!

No, no.  We're not moving.  But on this day of joyous flag waving, face-painting, and anthem singing (and beer drinking), we at Six Acres think also of the brave apartment renting souls of Montreal who drive, bike, carry, drag, toss, and roll all their worldly possessions to their new abodes.  

To the renters of Montreal and the nation we love, we raise a glass. Salut.

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