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Magnum-Up Kid

magnumpi Finally! Six Acres steps to the plate with all the girth & pizazz of a tropical moustache. We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the biggest, heaviest, heartiest beer to ever set foot in the cool recesses of our tiny abode. Enter: Gulden Drak, the magnum, the malty maniac, the smooth assassin. One thousand five hundred millilitres of bold beauty. One point five litres of deep, dark deliciousness. Ten point five percent of Belgian majesty. Oh boy, oh man. Magnum-up kid...

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New Beer Tuesday!!

With the memories of bountiful Thanksgiving meals slowly drifting from our minds we bring you a few beers with which you may continue the festivities of the Fall season:

Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale is up first bringing all the deep glowing warmth and spices of grandma's pumpkin pie to the table. Unlike my grandmother's pie, however, there is real pumpkin in the beer (sorry grandma).
And, as a special treat we have pulled up another couple cases of Driftwood's Sartori Harvest IPA. This is hands down one of my favourite IPA's - beautifully crafted with all the poise and balance Driftwood has come to be known for. Too bad its seasonal, but then again festivities can't go year round...

Also, just a note that "New Beer Day" will be moving to a new mid-week Wednesday slot. Thats when all the new brews will be hitting the shelves and tickling the tongues of those so inclined.

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Down for a Sculpin?

sculpin-ipa Boulder, Colorado, where the Flatiron's flirt with the great plains of rural America. Where cowboy meets snow beast, and cayotes dance with the icy shadow of the moon. This April, Boulderites opened their democratic arms to the World Cup Of Beer. 642 breweries from 44 countries vied for awards. 3,330 beers! 90 beer style categories! Boom! A brew master throw-down of mammoth proportions, a beer geeks dream date. We are happy to present this years "Best Small Brewery" Ballast Point, and their gold medal winning Sculpin IPA. Way to go lads, and thank you, it's deeeeeeelicious.

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Hooray for boots and hats!!

It came to my mind today that we have never praised our good neighbours at the boot shop on the blog. They have always been there when we have been in need of a proverbial cup of sugar and have brought countless others the joy of a photo with John, Clint, or just a well fit boot.

To those at the OK Boot Corral, our hats are tipped to you for making this Gastown a better place - not to mention for just being darn right good ol' neighbours.

here's to you.

here's to you.

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beer, beer, beer

Whoa, we got in a whole lot of new beer! Included in this prestigious group: 5 (thats right, 5!!!) India Pale Ales, a World Beer Cup gold medal winner, a deliciously well-hopped Brown Ale, an organic Red Ale, and a light and fresh Japanese Ginger Beer.

You can check out the details on the beer page here.

We will also be open this Thankgiving Monday for all your post turkey food and beverage needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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New Food! New Food!

Swedish Chef

Six Acres culinary horizon has just expanded! We are happy to welcome 3 delectable dishes to our menu. First up, a tasty Acres take on the classic Nicoise salad. Mon dieu! Next, gorgonzola cheese & organic truffle marinated flank unite with shallots & arugula to add yet another dimension to our happy team of salads. Lastly, but certainly not least, we present seared Qualicum Bay scallops atop a local chorizo & roasted red pepper ragu. Hot damn! For a gander at the full menu, touch here...

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