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History of the Near East…

If your curiosity is piqued by relics and thoughts of fair days gone by, the expertise of James Johnstone might be of interest to you. He is a keen purveyor of the great, and not so great, history of fair Vancouver; fine knowledge that will fascinate you, you, and you!! Better yet, you can even walk the city streets with the man himself.

Many thanks for your passionate research Mr. Johnstone, many thanks.


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The “T” that started it all…

Here's to you Vanna Marie Rosich on the 54th anniversary of you birth!! Thank you for your graceful turns and gleaming smiles. May you always be as free as a consonant.

To Vanna!!

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We were so very excited, as always, to open this month's issue of Discorder Magazine, and even more excited to find Six Acres voted as reader's #1 "Favourite Place to Go For a Drink"!!
We couldn't be more honoured and humbled by the peers from which we were selected, and really glad you love the Acreage as much as we do.

Many thanks for all of your support! We'll be looking forward to having a drink with you soon!



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A note from the Beer Master

Glad new comes in the forms of three tasty new treats this week. First, delight in Lagunitas' Brown Shugga Ale, a feather-in-your-cap seasonal brewed with brown cane sugar and enough hops to bring glorious equilibrium. For those who favour the delicacies of Okanagan fruits, Penticton's Tin Whistle Chocolate Cherry Porter will quench that thirst. Or, if spice is your interest, perhaps the peppery character of the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye will tickle your fancy?

And finally, by decree of the people, we are relinquishing rest of our supply of Old Rasputin from the cellar! May it's dark and bold malts bring power to you all. Rejoice.

As told by the Master of Beer

As told by the Master of Beer

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