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Riddle Riddle Thursday

Q: What's yellow, clovey, and the best thing about spring?

A: Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier!!

Did you get it?? Well, I know that a lot (A LOT) of you are steadfast and staunch in your support of Schneider Weisse and dear Konig Ludwig - and with good reason! But seriously, this is some gooooood Hefe Weisse. Heck, its the highest rated Weisse on Beer Advocate! Finally, spring!!!!!

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Oui, jeudi avec biere!

We are going to start taking the cap off a real treat this week; a great seasonal from Driftwood!!

Cuvee D'Hiver is a farmhouse style ale - you may have had the brewery's now famous Farmhand Ale - but with a rare twist. Cuvee D'Hiver is brewed exclusively with barley grown on the Saanich Peninsula by "Artisan Maltster" Mike Doehnel.
But thats where the plot turns, as the wise Brew-people at Driftwood introduce Belgian Saison yeasts to the mix!! As the curtain falls we enjoy a glimpse of a subtle ale with notes of grasses, citrus zest, and subtle hops all before a crisp, tart, and exhilarating finish.

Good times.


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New Beeeeeeeeeer!!

Two new beers to tickle your fancies this week, both hailing from fair Belgium.

Brouwerij De Ranke is making some great beer - no secret - and Noir De Dottignies is their darkest and heftiest offering. Six dark & fruity malts, Saaz and Challenger hops, and all weighing in at 9%!! Serious stuff, and, like all of De Ranke's work, a enjoyable twist on more traditional Belgian ales.

And speaking of traditional Belgian ales, we received a new shipment of Brasserie Cantillion's Kriek Lambic!! To quote myself: "There is everything you want in a lambic: decidedly crisp dryness, earthiness, exquisite carbonation, and, of course, beautiful overtones of tart, casked cherries". Easily my favourite lambic, hands down.



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Clurichaun, you surly wine thief

33 clurichauns+ Bugger! I saw you last night in our cellar, a wee, stalky shadow near the Pinot Noir. I heard the sound of your greedy lips smacking, slurping, the tap-tap of your tiny hands grasping for more. I thought perhaps that I had enjoyed too much wine, perhaps my eyes and ears were playing tricks. But no. In the sober light of day I have witnessed your drunken aftermath, I have come to realize the ways of you, Clurichaun. But can we make amends? An allegiance of sorts. I offer you a sheep in return for the protection of our precious reserves. What say you? Let us meet in the wine soaked glow of the next full moon. I'll be wearing velvet...

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