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The value of π

In 1897, the Indiana Pi Bill suggested that the state should make the legal value of pi 3.2.
Shortly thereafter the Indiana Senate struck down the bill.

So, keep being you 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841


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Please! Pretty, pretty please!!!

Gods speed to you, sports team!


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Shame, shame…

Good tidings have come from our companions at Driftwood! A new beer flows forth to further delight those who are smitten of hops and malts.

Nun Von Bingen's Naughty Hildegard ESB teaches us of the immoral excitement that is balance in body, flavour, and aroma. Through the power of senses we shall be met with merriment and strength.


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They put the crab in the park.

If you are familiar with our fair neighbourhood, no doubt you have packed a picnic or two and made haste to lovely Crab Park. Many a pleasant summer afternoon can be spent on the grassy hill which slopes down to the sea.

It's a real nice place to get away for a moment or two, and we indebted to those who worked faithfully to establish it.

To Don and the Create a Real Available Beach/Water for Life Society; three cheers!!


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Just good fun…

So, I have been spending a lot of my past couple days with this little generator of fun and aural pleasure. Start it off cool and calculated, and then let beautiful chaos take over.

To whomever made this little monome-esque program: thank you & thank you!

ps: I foresee this making a bathroom-audio cameo.


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