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Beeeeer Update!!!!!

So, it's been a moment since I have posted on the new beers we've been getting in. Many apologies for leaving you in the dark (sunny afternoons & soft, green grass, being what they are, have been monopolizing a lot of potential writing time).

All this said, onto the beer. Two brand new to the Acres in the fridge, starting this week. From Portland we have Elysian Men's Room Red Ale. Nice easy drinking red, with sweet & bready malts up front that give way to a crisp, nicely hopped finish. A good seasonal from our casual neighbours to the south.

Not to be outdone, a bunch of Samuel Smith's Organic Raspberry Ale is ready to delight. If you have had any of Samuel Smith's fruit beers before, you know what to expect: huge fresh fruit flavours & wonderful aromatics. Like being in the centre of you Grandmother's raspberry patch (minus the thorns).

Oh, and Czech Mate Pilsner from Saskatoon's own Paddock Wood Brewery is in as well. We also have some nice stuff waiting in the cellar that we should have room for this week coming up... I'll let you know.

Anyway, back to those sunny, gentle lawns.

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La Fée Verte

Ah, the mystery and intrigue of Absinthe. Come hither, marvel at its spectacular jade cloak, behold its magical, opalescent transformation. With every sip, images of smokey Parisian cafes, diffused light, the eloquent banter of bohemian intellectuals animated, inspired by the Green Fairy's warm embrace. The seductress, the outcast, the legend. Welcome.

At Six Acres we offer up some of the finest, served two ways:

For one

One dose of absinthe, a carafe of cold water, a spoon, sugar and a brouilleur filled with ice. Place a sugar cube within the brouilleur, sit the brouilleur atop your glass, apply water to achieve desired dilution, stir, enjoy. Lovely.

For two

Two doses of absinthe, two slotted spoons, sugar cubes and a fountain filled with ice water.


Align your glass beneath the fountains spigot, lay a spoon atop your glass, place a sugar cube onto the spoon, turn the tap, adjust the drip, slowly, gently, achieve desired dilution, stop drip, stir the sugar with your spoon, sip, relax. Oh joy.


p.s. you will not hallucinate

p.p.s. not available on Friday & Saturday ):

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Romper Room

I used to love Romper Room in my youth. My only dismay was waiting what seemed like endless years for my name to be called through the magic mirror. Crushing.

So, in the interest of giving all of you nameless youth your due recognition, I would like to shout out to you, our dear friends!!!!

I see you all!!!!!!!!!!

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