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Sunny Days…

Now that our good ol’ friend in the sky has decided to come down and join us this summer I hope everyone is out enjoying it. Some of us 6A crew could be seen soaking rays at the beaches this beautiful weekend and I’m sure for many more days to come. (Just knocked on my laptop, no wood in sight) I’m a newbie to the team but pleased to be here and meet all the wonderful guests who like to enjoy, yummy food and tasty beer at this great establishment. Bittersweet for myself as I love my new Six Acres family but will miss my predecessor dearly, I’ve got big shoes to fill and hope I do him proud!

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The Twilight Zone

Deschute's Twilight Summer Ale is finally here. And now that summer is here too there is time, at last, to pour it into a tall, cool glass...

But where are all the glasses!?!?!? That's not fair... That's not fair at all. There was time now... There was all the time I needed!!

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Mussel Men

Prince Edward Island is home to the finest men in all the known world.

Today they have arrived at the mainland bearing gifts from their fabled land. Prized mussels (the secret to the islander's fine physique, vast knowledge, and unbounded fortune)!!!

Here, sautéed with butter, white wine, lemon, and garlic, they offer we, locked upon land, the opportunity to taste the island life - if but for a fleeting, majestic moment...

Mussels return to the Acres.

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Pirates, Porters, & パチンコ

Japan.  It was 148 years ago, today, that Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry "persuaded" Japan - a handful of convincing U.S. warships - into opening their borders to the West.  Despite his less than noble tactics, North American's may now awe in wonder of Japan's clever creations, grand customs, beautiful cities, and amazing beer.

Thus, we indulge in Baird Brewery's exceptional Kurofune Porter.  Named after Perry's "black ships", Kurofune is a full bodied explosion of dark roasty-malt flavour.  So good that it is up there with パチンコ as one of Japan's greatest achievements.  At the Acres until 鎖国 returns.


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