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Remembrances of April Days…

It seems that the cold swells of the year's final exhalations have begun to descend upon our dear coastal hamlet, leaving their sodden grasp upon patio and patron alike.
However, whilst sunshades are exchanged for their rainy day counterparts, the Acres takes opportunity to send fond remembrances of those spring days when puddles were but a marker of floral tapestries yet to break forth from rich soils.

Driftwood Spring Rite Abbey Ale was created using all locally harvested malts and Belgian yeasts. The result is a lovely beer blossoming with notes of citrus, fresh grasses, a ripe fruits. A seasonal ale that we have saved to make these fading autumn months a little sunnier.

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We like when dogs walk past our Acres.
They are cute & funny & like to be pet by people.
Yup, we pretty much like em' all. Yup.

Anyway, here is a puzzle of a dog that is a Collie.

woof woof woof woof woof use the arrow keys woof woof woof woof woof

woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

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Cheat Sheet

For the academics and pupils amongst us it is
time to fairly return to the hallowed corridors,
masterful halls, and bustling commons. In our
effort to get you brave intellectuals started on
the right foot, be pleased to refer to the
following whenever conveniences you.

Best to you for the upcoming year of study.

BeerPeriodicTable Freely click upon the above for a larger version.

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Harvest Requiems

Open this page in a new window to listen while browsing.

As beautiful discolourations begin to find their way upon forest and field, we, their humbled observers, move also from a time of endless Summer days into the grace of bountiful Autumn evenings.

Herein be pleased to find songs to welcome the sun & songs to celebrate our labours; songs of mechanization & those of celebration.
Requiems for a time of community & harvest.

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Rye Tonne, Rye Tonne

Scales tipped over in favour of heaps of rye malt and piles of pine-esque hops. No balance to be found therein. Bold, assertive flavour captivated the gaze of onlookers now unable to divert their palates. An exciting collision between a bitter unknown and wanting imbiber.

car Hop Rod Rye Ale

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