About the Acreage

Six Acres is proud to continue the Gastown tradition of talking, swigging and tucking into good food in a friendly spot. We’re housed in the Alhambra building, the oldest brick building in Vancouver, which stands on the site of Gassy Jack’s Deighton Hotel.

Gassy Jack is the man responsible for our township. He provided booze, and the people came. He may not be the most noble of forefathers, but he’s ours. He drank a lot, talked a lot and married a twelve year old. Yet, he built Gastown from the dirt up and delighted bar goers with his endless chatter (to “gas” meant to talk a lot).

He built a shack of a saloon in the middle of wilderness in front of where Six Acres now stands. This little whiskey fueled saloon spawned a settlement which grew to a six acre plot of land now known as Gastown. Eventually, this humble township grew up to be Vancouver.

We are inspired by folks coming into Six Acres to get together over food and drink as they’ve done in Gastown since Jack built his little shack.

Our spot is tucked behind the statue of Gassy Jack, and we lovingly gaze at his bronzed behind every night.

Welcome to Gastown. Welcome to Six Acres.