4 Considerations for Accipitriformes’ Acceptance…

1. Do you have strong, adaptable feet? Opposable hind
claw able to hold a 650mL bottle?

2. Is your beak sharply hooked? Well adapted for
tearing into wild yeast strains?

3. Is your wingspan long & broad enough to carry a
medium-body with colourings of sour fruit & funky earth?

4. Have you gone through an approximately 12 month fledgeling
life-cycle, maturing in French & American oak barrels?

If you have answered a proud "yes!" to all four of these questions then you, sir or madam, may be fit for hopping with the harriers, highfaluting with the falcons, & imbibing with the eagles. Driftwood's Bird of Prey Flanders Red Ale is choice for all you buzzards who like swooping down until the owls come out (& well thereafter)...

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