Bring Back The Clepsydra!


Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a drag. Sure, we all embrace that glorious extra hour of sunlight in the summer, fully aware of the repercussions of a better tan & bonus patio time. None the less, it always comes as shock to see the the "sun" retreating behind the hills at 4:15. So, what's the deal? After a brief dig-about, it became evident that modern DST is rather selfish in its origins. One of DST's pioneering minds collected insects in his spare time, and wanted more daylight after work to better enable his hunt. Another guy was an avid golfer, and disliked cutting short his round at dusk. Fair enough, but why so inflexible? Surely we can devise a system that accounts for maximum exposure whilst reducing the winter doldrums. Perhaps we should bring back the clepsydra? Why not pay a guy to stand atop a floating platform with a harpoon pointer while a series of gears rotate a cylinder that ensures hour lengths are consistent with the current date? Sounds incredible! Until then, allow me to remind you how nice it is to be soaked in candle glow, sipping, munching, while watching a myriad of reflected colours & shapes parade upon the damp cobblestones. Not so bad...

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