July Book Contest!!! $100 Prize!!!

Introductory Algebra. Berenstain Bears. Tropical Bird Migration. Radecki Pest. Child Psychcology.

We are asking you to bring in your best book candidate to become one of our food and drink menus at the Acres, with the donor of our favorite book to receive a $100 gift certificate for aforementioned food and drinks!!!

The books don't need to be fancy, but we like fun, strange, and nerdy titles. You can enter up to 6 books and we'll accept them until Saturday July 17th.
All the books need to be hardcover and should be about 5.5" × 8.5" in size and not too thick. Drop off the books attached with with your name, e-mail, and phone number at the restaurant (if we're not in you can slide them through our mail slot).

Have fun and happy July!!!

starting research...

start researching...

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