Playlist To A Seahorse

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When I think of a seahorse, I have trouble imagining what brings it joy. Perhaps the tiny crystalline bubbles emanating from its bony mantle. Or perhaps the remarkable ability to move its eyes independently. Or maybe being capable of rapid colour transformation, or monogamy or something. But to hell with all that! I want to believe that at the end of a day bobbing about in the coral, our dear seahorse retreats into a sheltered recess & swoons to the dusty crackle of music from days gone by. Songs of suffering, songs of hope. Songs that warm even deepest, darkest sea beds. Enjoy...

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What great old blues and mountain music. I think sea horses would love these old tunes, especially the males who need something to listen to on those long lonely nights as they carry eggs in their broody pouches.

~ posted by Mary W. on November 20th, 2009


Thanks Mary. We really appreciate it!

~ posted by tyler on November 20th, 2009


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