New Beeeeeeeeeer!!

Two new beers to tickle your fancies this week, both hailing from fair Belgium.

Brouwerij De Ranke is making some great beer - no secret - and Noir De Dottignies is their darkest and heftiest offering. Six dark & fruity malts, Saaz and Challenger hops, and all weighing in at 9%!! Serious stuff, and, like all of De Ranke's work, a enjoyable twist on more traditional Belgian ales.

And speaking of traditional Belgian ales, we received a new shipment of Brasserie Cantillion's Kriek Lambic!! To quote myself: "There is everything you want in a lambic: decidedly crisp dryness, earthiness, exquisite carbonation, and, of course, beautiful overtones of tart, casked cherries". Easily my favourite lambic, hands down.



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