New Policies Regarding Beatniks!!

Since the inception of our tiny beloved Acreage, in the brilliant green days of yore, we have firmly upheld one edict: no beatnicks shall enter the pastures of our fairest Six Acres. NO BEATNICKS.

Now, thanks to the brave actions of persons unknown, the edict has been torn down from the aged brick upon which it was mounted, & removed to locations afar. Our fair Acres now finds itself opened to & overrun by cultured wanderers, radical idea-makers, rhythmic thinkers, emboldened wordsmiths, displaced creatives, & the like.

We find ourselves at a loss amongst this inspirational flora.

And thus, we plead with you: keep an eye out for the brave soul who has brought equality & opened the Acres to these vagabonds, so that our edict may be returned to it's home upon our wall & the beatnicks who look to sow culture in our fruitful fields will know that they are unwanted.

No Beatnicks

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