Six Acres circa 7000 B.C.

7000 B.C.

It was a good millennium all around - folks started digging gold and copper, beekeeping gets serious, and the cultivation of rice and yams is the hottest craze. A formative 9000 years later and we have Dogfish Head Brewery teaming up with a fine archeologist by the name of Patrick to recreate the fruits of all those Neolithic labours - a cool, malt beverage.

Chateau Jiahu is brewed from rice, muscat grapes, honey, hawthorn fruit, and sake yeast (no gold or yams though). No doubt beer has changed a lot since 7000 B.C., so you'd best to expect big flavours from this 10% brew. Sweet grapes and honey come forward - think something like a Sauternes - with subtle carbonation, a little citrus, and warming alcohol at the end.

If only they had apple pie in those days...

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love dogfish

~ posted by julie on November 24th, 2010


Aye. They certainly have a knack for special. Cheers Julie!

~ posted by 6a on December 1st, 2010


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