We were so very excited, as always, to open this month's issue of Discorder Magazine, and even more excited to find Six Acres voted as reader's #1 "Favourite Place to Go For a Drink"!!
We couldn't be more honoured and humbled by the peers from which we were selected, and really glad you love the Acreage as much as we do.

Many thanks for all of your support! We'll be looking forward to having a drink with you soon!



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Hi, i was over from Glasgow recently and discovered your place - if i won the lottery i would still only dream of running such a unique place!
Enjoyed your range of beers, your range of malts (including my current favourite Bowmore!) and listening to Welles' War of the Worlds in what you so politely call the 'restroom'. Of course i also enjoyed chatting with the friendly staff.
I love Vancouver, this was my second visit, but i can't wait to come back and enjoy my new favourite place.
Great memories - please never, ever change!


~ posted by Kevin Carroll on June 10th, 2011


Thank you thank you thank you! Kind words, positive vibrations, big cyber props... So glad to hear, please come on back next time you're in town. Cheers!

~ posted by 6a on June 14th, 2011


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