Jaw of the Moose

The first day of January, 1917: a cold & fearful day in the trapezoidal province of Saskatchewan. It is this fateful day, after two years of having alcohol sales prohibited at any non-government establishments, that all liquor consumption & sales are halted completely throughout the wheaten lands.

Fortunately for wanting imbibers, the law of prohibition contained no clause against the pioneering spirit. One huge network of tunnels later, dug under the humble burg of Moose Jaw, and Saskatchewan becomes the centre for all who sought the casual pleasure of libation. Underground speakeasies provided carbonated brews & drinks to keep your upper lip stiff.

And so no one saw the light of day until 1924, when those fair prairie folk realized outlawing delicious porters, scrumptious hefeweizens, elegant lagers, & smooth lambics was downright crazy! Phew!


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