This one… it’s gone wild…

It's that same ol' story, but this time with a lil' twist, see?

That beer comes from behind the bar, just like before, that part is sure enough... And the fella?? Well, he can't wait to raise the glass - but that's where everything changes.

After that first sip, fella's eyes start lookin' different... strange like. "This ain't quite like before. Ain't quite like that last time." Before you know it, the wild takes holda him...
I'll be darned if it don't change the inside of his head, right then and there. It's the complexities, ya see? That there's the part of ol' Little Sumpin' Wild Ale that gets ya.

So, some say that fella's not right no more. But we think he's just fine.
Wild Ale

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