We were so very excited, as always, to open this month's issue of Discorder Magazine, and even more excited to find Six Acres voted as reader's #1 "Favourite Place to Go For a Drink"!!
We couldn't be more honoured and humbled by the peers from which we were selected, and really glad you love the Acreage as much as we do.

Many thanks for all of your support! We'll be looking forward to having a drink with you soon!



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Going for Gold!

It's that time again!!
Voting for the Georgia Staight's Golden Plate Awards is underway.

If you feel like we are the best-est (and, by the way, we really think you are the best-est), then shoot a few votes our way!!
Be it Best Pub, Best Import Beer List, or maybe even Best Restaurant Bathroom - no matter what, you can be assured that each one of those little votes will give us that really special, embarrassingly warm feeling (you know the one).


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Bathroom Audio Contest


Going to the washroom at Six Acres can be an interesting experience. Whether it's Captain Nemo hijacking your lip gloss, or the call of a water buffalo shaking your focus. Whether it's an unexpected lesson in conversational Hindi, or the apocalyptic broadcast of an extra terrestrial war. Whatever the occasion, there's always something to keep you company in your most private moments.

With this in mind, we present a NEW CONTEST. Submit your favourite strangeness, bits of humour or dashes of intrigue. Bring it on, get crazy! In exchange for the winning effort, we offer 100 ACRES DOLLARS for your eating & drinking pleasure. You can send an MP3 or compressed file to, drop by a CD, or..? Please ensure that we have your contact information, and good luck!

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Poodles Win Big!

poodles_1 poodles_2 We are proud to announce the winner of our "Best Book Donated To Become A Six Acres Menu" contest. The competition was stiff, and our panel of judges deliberated long & heavy over this one. But finally... Finally... Brrrrrrrrrrr... Marija Zimonja, congratulations! One hundred delicious Acres dollars to you, plus HUGE bragging rights. Your poodles touched our hearts, ate our shoes and licked our fancy. Yip, yip!
Oh, and stay tuned for more fun and exciting high stakes contests...

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July Book Contest!!! $100 Prize!!!

Introductory Algebra. Berenstain Bears. Tropical Bird Migration. Radecki Pest. Child Psychcology.

We are asking you to bring in your best book candidate to become one of our food and drink menus at the Acres, with the donor of our favorite book to receive a $100 gift certificate for aforementioned food and drinks!!!

The books don't need to be fancy, but we like fun, strange, and nerdy titles. You can enter up to 6 books and we'll accept them until Saturday July 17th.
All the books need to be hardcover and should be about 5.5" × 8.5" in size and not too thick. Drop off the books attached with with your name, e-mail, and phone number at the restaurant (if we're not in you can slide them through our mail slot).

Have fun and happy July!!!

starting research...

start researching...

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Can’t Resist A Dancing Camel…

Effat Malakan, you are the winner of our Best YouTube Video contest! Dang, this video makes my dancing kitten hand puppet routine look very amateur. Well done, one hundred Acres bucks to you miss!

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August-September Contest: Your Favourite Youtube Video

Hey all. Email us a link to your favourite video on youtube at If we pick your video choice as the winner, you get $100 at the Acreage. Contest ends September 30th. We will post the winner shortly after. Check out our video section for some ideas.


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June-July Contest Winner: Your Best Beer Image

Congrats to Christopher for this winning picture from down under. One hundred smackeroos to you at the Acreage. Never tried the beer the kangaroo overindulged in but looks like it brings the good times.


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June – July: Your Best Beer Image

Hey all. Send us a copy of the best image related to beer you can find. Email to If we pick you as the winner, you get $100 at the Acreage. Contest ends July 30th. We will post the winner shortly after.

Here's an sample


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