Yule of it.

Dearest Friends, Neighbours, & Kinsfolk,

As rain doth fall upon frosted moistened glass,
from which reflects le Grand Jack-de-Gas,
please knoweth our thoughts go to
those who make dear Acres true: (that's you).

Bringing your lively minds & delightful jokes
the Acres is want for you dames & blokes.
You see, without you our pleasant, orange-hued din
is simply not the same as when you're in.

o many thanks for completing us,
our wishes well go out to you, thus.

Happiness to you.

The Acres



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New Policies Regarding Beatniks!!

Since the inception of our tiny beloved Acreage, in the brilliant green days of yore, we have firmly upheld one edict: no beatnicks shall enter the pastures of our fairest Six Acres. NO BEATNICKS.

Now, thanks to the brave actions of persons unknown, the edict has been torn down from the aged brick upon which it was mounted, & removed to locations afar. Our fair Acres now finds itself opened to & overrun by cultured wanderers, radical idea-makers, rhythmic thinkers, emboldened wordsmiths, displaced creatives, & the like.

We find ourselves at a loss amongst this inspirational flora.

And thus, we plead with you: keep an eye out for the brave soul who has brought equality & opened the Acres to these vagabonds, so that our edict may be returned to it's home upon our wall & the beatnicks who look to sow culture in our fruitful fields will know that they are unwanted.

No Beatnicks

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We like when dogs walk past our Acres.
They are cute & funny & like to be pet by people.
Yup, we pretty much like em' all. Yup.

Anyway, here is a puzzle of a dog that is a Collie.

woof woof woof woof woof use the arrow keys woof woof woof woof woof

woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

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Mussel Men

Prince Edward Island is home to the finest men in all the known world.

Today they have arrived at the mainland bearing gifts from their fabled land. Prized mussels (the secret to the islander's fine physique, vast knowledge, and unbounded fortune)!!!

Here, sautéed with butter, white wine, lemon, and garlic, they offer we, locked upon land, the opportunity to taste the island life - if but for a fleeting, majestic moment...

Mussels return to the Acres.

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Attention, Attention!!! The Patio opens!!!

Hear ye, hear ye!!!! Come one come all!!! Our fairest patio is today opened to you for your pleasure & enjoyment.
Come one, come all; and long live summer happiness & mirth!!!

"Onward to the Acreage good brothers & sisters!!!"

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They put the crab in the park.

If you are familiar with our fair neighbourhood, no doubt you have packed a picnic or two and made haste to lovely Crab Park. Many a pleasant summer afternoon can be spent on the grassy hill which slopes down to the sea.

It's a real nice place to get away for a moment or two, and we indebted to those who worked faithfully to establish it.

To Don and the Create a Real Available Beach/Water for Life Society; three cheers!!


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History of the Near East…

If your curiosity is piqued by relics and thoughts of fair days gone by, the expertise of James Johnstone might be of interest to you. He is a keen purveyor of the great, and not so great, history of fair Vancouver; fine knowledge that will fascinate you, you, and you!! Better yet, you can even walk the city streets with the man himself.

Many thanks for your passionate research Mr. Johnstone, many thanks.


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A note from the Beer Master

Glad new comes in the forms of three tasty new treats this week. First, delight in Lagunitas' Brown Shugga Ale, a feather-in-your-cap seasonal brewed with brown cane sugar and enough hops to bring glorious equilibrium. For those who favour the delicacies of Okanagan fruits, Penticton's Tin Whistle Chocolate Cherry Porter will quench that thirst. Or, if spice is your interest, perhaps the peppery character of the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye will tickle your fancy?

And finally, by decree of the people, we are relinquishing rest of our supply of Old Rasputin from the cellar! May it's dark and bold malts bring power to you all. Rejoice.

As told by the Master of Beer

As told by the Master of Beer

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Going for Gold!

It's that time again!!
Voting for the Georgia Staight's Golden Plate Awards is underway.

If you feel like we are the best-est (and, by the way, we really think you are the best-est), then shoot a few votes our way!!
Be it Best Pub, Best Import Beer List, or maybe even Best Restaurant Bathroom - no matter what, you can be assured that each one of those little votes will give us that really special, embarrassingly warm feeling (you know the one).


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