La Chouffe!! La Chouffe!!

La Chouffe is on fire!!

We don't need no water...

... just a crisp, effervescent mouthfeel with complex notes of cloves, cardamom, oranges, and sweet malts.

And, actually, a glass of water would be nice too. Stay hydrated.

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Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA

Avatar Jasmine IPA Shining, shimmering, splendid.
Tell me: when did you last let your heart decide?? Avatar Jasmine can open your eyes; take you wonder by wonder.

A dazzling world I never knew... German Northern, Glacier, & Amarillo hops finished with dried Jasmine blossoms. Indescribable feeling.
Hold your breath it gets better. Every turn a surprise.

I'll chase it anywhere.

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Go, Go Kart!!!

Sure, maybe others have made them faster...
But no one has ever looked as good.

Not to mention, it really begs the question:
why do we always recycle our Asahi crates???

ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール
ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール

ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール
ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール ビール

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The “T” that started it all…

Here's to you Vanna Marie Rosich on the 54th anniversary of you birth!! Thank you for your graceful turns and gleaming smiles. May you always be as free as a consonant.

To Vanna!!

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New Beer Wednesday: Rochefort 10!

Open this page in a new window to listen while browsing.

Just got in Rochefort 10... so tasty - rich, dark, fruity, and an oh so complex nature. It's amazing, really. To illustrate, here is our recreation of Rochefort 10 as it excites your palate and intrigues your senses:

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Ginger Time!

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Although German beer is delicious, and even though we are in the midst of Oktoberfest, allow us to shout out the new kid in town. Introducing Hitachino Ginger, a cheerful lad with an infectious smile and cute red pants. The kind of guy that shows up to party with the raw vigor of youth and the effortless grace of a seasoned romantic. In other words, a most lovable fellow. Great style, great taste. A real winner, and yet another gold star to the folks at the Hitachino Brewery. Kampai!

To further explore the excitement found in every bottle, we present to you a dancing ginger...

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A salute to you, fair carpenter…

bj bairdbeer mikanaleThis is cute one. Baird Brewers in Japan have released the Carpenter's Mikan Ale. Not only is this beer gorgeously unique, but it comes with a darling story to boot. They received the mikans (a Japanese tangerine-like fruit) as a gift from the Heda orchard of their carpenter friend, partner and mentor – Mitsuo Nagakura. "It would not be an exaggeration to say that he (Mitsuo Nagakura) is the complete embodiment of the dedicated, uncompromising and passionate Japanese craftsmen whom we so respect and whom we strive to emulate. The Carpenter’s Mikan Ale is our modest attempt to pay tribute to Nagakura-san as well as to all great Japanese craftsmen..."

Aw shucks, why can't everything be like that? In honour of beer & carpenters & Japanese humilty we offer you a video of a young Schwarzenegger eating huge mouthfuls of noodles...

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Just a touch of gold…

So, we got in a few bottles of Dogfish Head's Midas Touch last week. It part of the breweries Ancient Ales series and, I have to say, its pretty exotic stuff (flavours of honey, saffron, & sweet melon happily under a 9% roof).

The recipe for Midas Touch - which actually contains saffron and honey amongst other exciting oddities - is based on archeological evidence from the tomb thought to be that of King Midas. It sounds a little far-fetched, I know, but coming from a brewery like Dogfish, far-fetched is the norm.

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Tough day? Duck into Six Acres.

Okay, so Six Acres wasn't around in 1984... and it kind of looks like Bastian turns into what is now Vera's rather than the Acreage.

All I am trying to say is that I like to imagine Six Acres to be somehow akin to a mystical bookshop that contains a volume of child heroes, giant rock people, and magic white dog-dragons (as well as being a good place to run away from meanies).

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Happy Moving Day!!!

No, no.  We're not moving.  But on this day of joyous flag waving, face-painting, and anthem singing (and beer drinking), we at Six Acres think also of the brave apartment renting souls of Montreal who drive, bike, carry, drag, toss, and roll all their worldly possessions to their new abodes.  

To the renters of Montreal and the nation we love, we raise a glass. Salut.

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