Chow. Grub. Foodstuffs. Vittles. Eats. So many words for that lovely pleasure that is food. Hang out with friends and chat over rustic and tasty share plates in a lively and warm atmosphere. Our food is inspired by adventures in Europe, where people seem to know that one of the best things in life is sharing food and drink with friends and loved ones.

Our food is meant for sharing, because we feel sharing food is the most fun way to eat. Learning to share was our favourite lesson from Kindergarten. That and learning there were better things to eat out there than our glue sticks.

Nuts 4~
Sweet & savoury almonds & pecans

Olives 4~
extra virgin olive oil, orange zest, herbs

Popcorn 5~
garlic butter, parmesan

House Fries 7~
drizzled with house-made ketchup & aioli
add double-smoked bacon 2~

Cheddar Corn Fritters 5~
deep fried corn batter, scallions, chipotle crema, honey

Acreage Salad 8~
baby spinach, watercress, mandarins, pickled onions, radishes, crushed nuts, champagne dijon dressing

Kale Salad 8~
roasted squash, benedictine bleu, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, caramelized onion and rosemary dressing

Beet Salad 8~
roasted red beets, pickled golden beets, Macedonian feta, pistachio,
mint, frisee, sherry vinaogrette

Gorgonzola Hot Pot 10~
gorgonzola & roasted garlic dip, toasted baguette

Mac & Cheese 10~
gruyere, grana pandano, aged cheddar, toasted breadcrumb crust

Poutine 11~
st. ambroise stout gravy, cheese curds, sharp cheddar, shallots
add sauteed mushrooms 2~

Pound O` Wings 12~
house made sweet chili glaze OR salt & pepper

Grilled Beef Shortribs 13~
ancho chili rubbed Maui cut ribs, tomatillo salsa, coleslaw

Cheese Board 16~
selection of 3 cheeses with nuts, fruits, jams, crackers & baguette

Sausage Board 16~
2 types of sausage from butchers around town, sauerkraut, cornichons, mustards, toasted baguette

~ Mini Burgers ~
3 delicious cuties

Classic 12~
beef, aged cheddar, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion, aioli, house ketchup

Crab 13~
rock crab patty, pickled daikon & carrot, cilantro, chili mayo

Veggie 11~
cauliflower & mushroom patty, aged cheddar, tomato, spinach, caramelized onion, aioli, house ketchup

~ Dinner Features ~
not available after 10:30

Barley Risotto 11~
beech mushrooms, parmesan, toasted pine nuts, pea shoots, watercress, lemon,
truffle oil

Chicken & Mash 14~
pan roasted chicken, refried beans, corn and sweet pepper pan jus

Turkey Cobb 14~
cocoa rubbed turkey breast, avocado, radishes, crumbled egg, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, corn salsa, sweet buttermilk dressing

Ling Cod 14~
sauteed broccolini, zuchini, spinach, squash, fresh dill, garlic chili dressing

Seared Bison Steak Salad 14~
5oz flank, arugula, radishes, fried cauliflower, tomatoes, basil, truffle balsamic dressing
add blue cheese 2~

Mussels 16~
* white wine, bacon, cherry tomato, shallots, herb butter OR
* garlic, dried chili, tomato basil cream

~ Desserts ~

Cookies & Cream 6~
4 double chocolate chip cookies, caramel, whip

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cheesecake 8~
dark chocolate sauce, salted caramel drizzle, crushed hazelnuts

Old School Sundae 8~
vanilla bean gelato, dolce de leche, candied nuts, cheese cake bits

bread courtesy of Nelson The Seagull

meat from ethical Canadian sources

sustainable seafoods

local, organic & seasonal whenever possible